Monday, October 25, 2010

The Tragedy of A Client's Death

     A client died in an unfortunate accident.  His death has 2 consequences for me.  On a personal level, as his lawyer, I had come to know the most private details of his life.  He was a young man with much potential and his death is a great loss to both his family and to all of us.
     As a lawyer, I have a duty to advise his family as to how death affects an ongoing case.  The case now belongs to his estate and is called a "survivorship claim."  While his estate will have the ability to continue to pursue his claim, his death means that his claim for future losses has been limited by his death.
    Even in tragic and sad times, we are required to play our hand to the best of our ability.  See

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Doesn't Hurt to Ask

I just met with a nurse injured while working because of a poorly maintained piece of equipment.  While I do not represent clients in workers' compensation matters, I was able to identify a potential third party claim which would both fully compensate the accident victim and repay the workers' compensation insurer.  It never hurts to ask. You have to play your hand smartly.  See