Monday, December 10, 2012

Be Wary of Free Seminars Following Multiple Victim Accidents

     There was a tragic accident on the Seward Highway North of  Girdwood in which 11 persons were injured.  See "Crash Near Girdwood Closes Seward Highway,"

      It is not unusual following an accident for accident victims to receive phone calls or mailings promising "no charge" health care or a "no charge" seminar on their rights.  Accident victims should be wary of these solicitations.   A multiple victim accident such as this will trigger many legal issues.  These include:

1.  An investigation of the facts (Most often provided by the Alaska Trooper Report)
2.  An assessment of the available liability insurance coverage.  With multiple victims, this insurance may be inadequate to compensate each victim individually.
3.  An assessment whether any of the victims may be accused of bearing partial responsibility.  Most often, this is directed to the driver of the vehicle.
4.  An assessment of injuries.
5.  An assessment of losses.
6.  An assessment of other insurance coverages such as Underinsured Motorist.

While these are the legal issues, the most important issue is recovery from injuries, something that is addressed by a physician, not a lawyer.  I recommend that accident victims make medical treatment their highest priority, even higher priority than meeting with my office.   When life deals you a low card in the form of an accident, you have to play your hand smartly.  See