Monday, January 3, 2011

Reloading for 2012

   How "Palinesque" to discuss resuming work at the end of the holiday season!

   The key to successful representation is organization.  As part of my monthly and quarterly routines, I go through each case and ask "What needs to happen next in order to move this case forward and bring it to a favorable ending for my client?"  This involves the following steps:

  1.  Identification of known facts regarding case.

  2.  Identification of unknown facts potentially affecting strength of case requiring further investigation or discovery from opposing party.

  3.   Analysis of maximum potential recovery as well as strengths and weaknesses of case.

  5.  Discussion of case strategy with client, including whether to file lawsuit or explore possibility of resolution without lawsuit.

  6.   Filing of lawsuit for purpose of obtaining trial date. 

  7.    Identification of facts, documents, and other information required from responsible party during discovery.

  8.    Preservation of evidence for trial, including depositions of necessary witnesses.

  9.    Schedule deposition of client so that responsible party can assess validity of claim.

  10.  Trial. As President Reagan said, "They can run but they cannot hide."

It pays to play your hand well.