Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day: The Start of Motor Vehicle Accident Season

  Memorial Day marks the start of summer.  With summer, motor vehicle accidents increase.  Here are some thoughts to drive by.

1.     Watch out for motorcycles.  It is easy to lose them in your blindspot.
2.     Check your rear view mirror.  While you have control over where you vehicle is going forward, you have no control over the person behind you who is not paying attention.
3.     Be especially careful on the Seward Highway.  I have had too many cases involving vehicles trying to pass so that they can move up in line and get somewhere 5 minutes faster.
4.     Remember that construction zones carry double fines.
5.     If you are an accident victim, it is more important to see a doctor before seeing a lawyer.  Remember that there is nothing a lawyer can do to make you better.

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